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About me:

Transform the brand with beautiful, high converting product eCommerce images and video is one of my expertise. Quality product images are a driving force engagement, retention, conversion, and overall customer lifetime value that’s why the good product photography plays an impactful role in determining sales. My photography philosophy is to build your brand and increase authority. I also passionate about creating stories or messages through video and have an eye for detail. I have 5+ years experience in both photography and videography.


I graduated from Law Business from University of Brawijaya Malang. In spite of my major cross with my job, that doesn’t decrease my expertise in photography and videography production project because while I am studying in Brawijaya, I have assembled my freelance project as Photographer at my own business


I finished various photoshoot and video shoot project, for personal purpose which is graduation moments and family event; for commercial and business purpose which is like food photoshoot, product photoshoot, and company event. I also passionate about creating stories through video and have an eye for detail. I love to challenge myself to approach another level of my life. I moved to Jakarta on 2020 and decided to join PT Mitra Solusi Prakarsa Company who run property management rent located in West Java. My experience in property photography includes knowledge of creative arts and property industry. PT Mitra Solusi Prakarsa Company has a sister company named Buana Talimas Textile who concern with design, production, and distribution of textile brand. I spent a lot of time in digital marketing team building online marketing system with photo and video content production. 

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