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2 weeks ago

GIBXPSAC For The World To See And Inspire!

GIBX SPAC · The SPAC listing model has the characteristics of fast time, low cost, simple process, and guaranteed financing, which has great advantages for investors and target companies. 

9 months ago

The World Is An Amazing Place.

Paul Walters · 2020 was undoubtedly 'slow.' · It was a time when sloth and procrastination, to which I have been addicted to for a few years now provided me with ample time to bring these two laconic bedfellows to a state of absolute perfection. · During the really 'slow' days (read; most days) ...

2 years ago

It’s A Dogs Life. Inside The World Of China’s Pampered Pets.

Paul Walters · With the rising prosperity in China, both Foo Foo and Moo Moo, a pair of six - year old · terriers are now enjoying the high life – literally. Every couple of months these pampered pooches travel by private jet via Hong Kong to an exclusive ‘pet spa’ in Osaka. · While on board ...

4 years ago

Trudging Across The Shifting Sands Of The Namib, The World’s Oldest Desert.

Paul Walters · It’s just on 5.00 am. · As I leave the comfort of my hotel room in pitch darkness, a crescent moon hangs low, like a scimitar on the horizon, its light almost no match for the billions of stars that pepper an inky black  sky. The only sound is a  plaintive yip, yip from a lone ja ...

4 years ago

I Can Read The Writing On The Wall. Searching For The World's Best Street Art.

Paul Walters · Today I find myself in Jogjakarta in central Java; My quest? To ferret out some of the vibrant street art that this city is famous for. · Most visitors to this, Indonesia’s cultural hub head straight for the attractions that ‘Jogja’ is famous for, the Batik markets, the numerous ...

5 years ago

The Other Side Of Vancouver, The World’s Most “Livable” City

Paul Walters · I recently had the pleasure of once again re-visiting British Columbia’s gem of a city, Vancouver. · Voted time and again, ‘ the world's most livable city’ and I have to agree that the pundits seem to have got it spot on with their assessment. Nestleing as it does  between the o ...

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