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1 month ago

5 Famous Graphic Design Companies

ngama rupa · Entering new information technology makes people's interest even higher. One of them is from the field of design, if you look at the design, it is not just made. The design must be made with good precision and value. The goal is that people are interested in seeing it, so that in ...

2 months ago

Post from Harry Wijaya

Harry Wijaya · TDC Indonesia is a digital marketing company that focuses on branding. TDC Indonesia has been operating for almost 10 years, this company has many partners to make a brand known by many people. The focus is only on the real estate or property sector, where this company is very ex ...

6 months ago

Postcard From Vancouver.

Paul Walters · I've now been 'in country', so to speak, for almost four weeks. · Two of those weeks were spent travelling from Indonesia (no mean feat!), three days in a government-mandated Airport Hotel, and finally, twelve long, long days in quarantine, confined to a tiny Air B&B in East Vanc ...

8 months ago

What Lies Beneath. Restoring The Coral Reefs In The Time Of Covid 19.

Paul Walters · Bali, one of the most beautiful islands on Indonesia's Southern Archipelago sits just a few miles off the 7,300 meters (24,400 ft.) deep Java Trench. This geographical phenomena, due to its immense depth creates a unique set of swirling currents creating what is known as ‘disturb ...

9 months ago

The World Is An Amazing Place.

Paul Walters · 2020 was undoubtedly 'slow.' · It was a time when sloth and procrastination, to which I have been addicted to for a few years now provided me with ample time to bring these two laconic bedfellows to a state of absolute perfection. · During the really 'slow' days (read; most days) ...

11 months ago

Just When We Thought It Was All Don and Dusted.

Paul Walters · ( · This article was written on 5th November 2020 but I am happy to report that it looks as though it the Don has been dusted ) · It’s early morning in Indonesia. A shaft of brilliant sunlight spears through the foliage and spreads a halo of golden light across my newly created g ...

1 year ago

Aceh – Exploring the Central Highlands

Stephanie Brookes · What's on your bucket list for 2021? Once a traveller always a traveller, right? · When the world resumes and airlines start flying again, put Aceh on your list. · If you like adventurous, remote travel then exploring Indonesia is your mecca - low key travel, many undiscovered pl ...

1 year ago

The World Might Be On Hold, But Our Futures Certainly Aren't.

Paul Walters · Today marks day number 125 of my life in 'lockdown'.  · To be fair, lockdown in Bali has been a little bit of a hit and miss affair as, apart from the mandatory rule that everyone must wear a mask when venturing out from home and applying a dollop of hand sanitizer before enterin ...

1 year ago

Blitar – Tales of Intrigue in East Java

Stephanie Brookes · Blitar is a quiet, friendly town in East Java. From mystical lakes with god-fish legends to the stunning Bung Karno Museum honouring the founder of Indonesia, it is full of history and intrigue, as well as colourful characters. · At the entrance to the Bung Karno Museum and Libra ...

1 year ago

Makassar: A Living Maritime Heritage of Island Traders

Stephanie Brookes · Walking towards a long line of tall traditional · pinisi · boats in the historic Paotere Harbour in Makassar, I caught whiffs of freshly cut timber. · I watched strong, sinewy sailors navigating gangplanks with great agility, balancing neat stacks of wood on their shoulders. Dust ...

1 year ago

Beauty Unfolds in North Lombok

Stephanie Brookes · North Lombok · combines a stunning coastline and beautiful terraced rice fields under the shadow of Mt. Rinjani, with plenty of wild spaces where you can get lost amongst nature. · The road heading north out of Senggigi town hugs the ocean and winds its way around the coastline, ...

2 years ago

Kei Islands – Caves and Kings

Stephanie Brookes · The remote Kei Islands are known to have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, with untouched sand so powdery white that the locals refer to it as flour. This remote island chain sits in the far east of the Maluku province, close to Papua. · The Fate of a King · I clambered ...

2 years ago

The Sea Gypsies of the Togeans

Stephanie Brookes · The Togean Islands form an archipelago of 56 islands strung across the Gulf of Tomini in Central Sulawesi. · This string of beautiful islands has perfect, white, sandy beaches and cottage style wooden bungalow accommodation. In the Togeans you feel a million miles away from other ...

2 years ago

Archipelago Journeys: Pulau Weh, Aceh, Indonesia

Stephanie Brookes · Pulau Weh is a remote little paradise with a laid-back vibe. It offers magical beaches and abundant marine life, including vibrant, colourful corals, only 45 minutes by fast boat from the gateway city of Banda Aceh, North Sumatra. · As I relax in the comfortable hammock on the ba ...

2 years ago

Maluku - Seram Island – Meeting the Nuaulu Tribe

Stephanie Brookes · Seram Island in Maluku Province of Indonesia is steeped in tradition. Deep in its mountains and along its coast, several indigenous tribes still hunt with long wooden spears and adhere to their old ways of life. The largest island in the Maluku archipelago, Seram is known affecti ...

2 years ago

Seram Island – Meeting the Nuaulu Tribe

Stephanie Brookes · Seram Island in Maluku Province of Indonesia is steeped in tradition. Deep in its mountains and along its coast, several indigenous tribes still hunt with long wooden spears and adhere to their old ways of life. The largest island in the Maluku archipelago, Seram is known affecti ...

2 years ago

Majapahit Hotel – East Java - Romance, History and Elegance

Stephanie Brookes · It was love at first sight when I first set eyes on the Hotel Majapahit, Surabaya in East Java. This glorious colonial hotel has been catering to luxury-end guests since it opened its doors in 1910. Stories about the hotel abound. World acclaimed novelists, playwrights and actors ...

2 years ago

A Jungle Stay in Gunung Leuser National Park, Aceh – North Sumatra

Stephanie Brookes · Within one day of arriving in Ketambe Village in Gunung Leuser National Park, I had spotted three gibbons, five Thomas’ leaf monkeys, and three Sumatran orangutans. · You have to get up early to catch the wildlife; by 5.30am my forest lodge was a hive of activity. People were pac ...

2 years ago

17,000 Islands, 800,000 Polling Stations, 193,000,000 Voters & 250,000 Candidates. It’s Election Day In Indonesia!

Paul Walters · Its 9.30am on Wednesday 17th April 2019. · Today is voting day across the vast archipelago that makes up the nation of Indonesia. Its eerily quiet with just the occasional motorcycle whizzing by, whereas, normally at this time of the morning the streets would be packed. · It’s ...

2 years ago

The Origins Of The Humble Pebble.

Paul Walters · Just lately, I have developed a bit of a ‘soft spot’ for an inanimate object, the humble pebble. · If you think about it, not many people take much notice of this small, round stone and yet, it has somehow become an integral part of the makeup of our homes. · Walk around any la ...

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