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3 weeks ago

Besides My Best Endeavours, COVID Still Paid Me A Visit.

Paul Walters · (I've been missing in action for a few weeks due to a liaison with a certain virus) · After 18 months of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, the pesky disease that's changed the world as we know it decided to pay me a visit. · Throughout 2020 we adapted to lives to try and keep ...

9 months ago

Burning Down The House.

Paul Walters · In another place or another time, fate might have decreed that one Donald J Trump might not have blighted our lives for the last four years; unfortunately, it was not to be. Of course, millions knew of him from his stint as a reality television celebrity or seeing his logo in gig ...

1 year ago

Democracy. Is This The End Of Days?

Paul Walters · My posts on this platform have, over the years deliberately steered clear of politics as my first foray into that particular field elicited a barrage of negative and bullying comments. · I even got hate mail for goodness sake! · Lately, however, I feel compelled to say somethin ...

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