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5 Famous Graphic Design Companies


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Entering new information technology makes people's interest even higher. One of them is from the field of design, if you look at the design, it is not just made. The design must be made with good precision and value. The goal is that people are interested in seeing it, so that information can be conveyed properly. When viewed, there are many companies that offer design services. Good for advertising design, product design, and other designs. With a quality portfolio, of course, other companies are interested in choosing a design company as their working partner. For example, companies in Jakarta, many large companies are starting to look for graphic design partners in Jakarta. This is to assist in increasing promotion in the field of production. We know, if large companies need good promotion techniques in order to compete with competitors, therefore one way to do it is to make a quality design. For that, let's find out which graphic design companies in Jakarta have the best quality.

  • Kamarupa Group

Kamarupa is a well-known graphic design company that has handled various designs for large companies in Indonesia. Famous for its design of think technology, of course Kamarupa is one of the biggest in the advertising sector. It has been 15 years since its establishment, of course, this design company has been trusted by big companies in Indonesia. Having an experienced and professional team regarding design, of course, they are very familiar with the type of design that is good for the company. The creativity and innovation of the Kamarupa team is very competent, this is evidenced by the portfolio on the official website. Where to serve design, branding, rebranding, video editing, and so on.

  • Flux Design

Flux is an Australian based design company. However, it has a branch company in Indonesia. Already very skilled in the field of graphic design. Able to make promotional designs, calendar designs, billboard designs, online designs and other designs. Flux has been around for about 15 years, supported by the largest network partners such as digital technology, Sribu, and other online media. It is not uncommon for their services to be chosen over other design companies. However, the price is quite expensive. Being a tough competitor to Kamarupa, Flux has a mission to become the largest design company in the world. By developing its branches throughout the country, so that it can be known more widely as a graphic design company in Jakarta.

  • Global Solutech

Solutech is a professional software development company that builds websites and mobile apps. Based in Jakarta Indonesia, Solutech has a vision to empower Startup, Small Medium Business, and Enterprise clients, by delivering outstanding solutions on various platforms such as PHP, Android, IOS, Magento, and Cloud infrastructure. Founded in 2015, Solutech is committed to providing innovative technology solutions supported by hard work, research, and creative processes. Our Value Proposition is to be an agile partner for clients with trust, expertise and professionalism.

  • Our Visual Media

Visual Media is a visual and audio communication service company based in Indonesia. Visual media works on projects in the fields of photography, videography, graphic design, and motion graphics. Visual media does the job of advertising well, because it consists of a team that is experienced in their field. Visual media is committed to providing good service, on time, and with quality processes and quality results. It has been around 9 years since its establishment, of course, this company has also won the trust of several large companies in Indonesia to help design and branding strategies.

  • Richelle Artwork

Richelle Artwork has experience in providing photography and design services since 2010 both in the commercial, wedding, event etc. professionally. We offer professional services with creative design concepts to provide the best results for customers. Similar to global solutech, this company is also based in Jakarta. His vision is to help companies that want to rebrand. One way to do this is to use a quality graphic design. Their design services are also fairly competitive, because they consist of an experienced and professional team in the field of graphic design.

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