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6 months ago

High Times In Sunny Vancouver.

Paul Walters · In this picturesque, multicultural port city, a mere three - hour drive from Seattle, cannabis seems to have embedded itself into the population’s psyche as both a recreational drug as well as a state of mind. · Talking to a few young professionals, they seem to have no problem i ...

6 months ago

Postcard From Vancouver.

Paul Walters · I've now been 'in country', so to speak, for almost four weeks. · Two of those weeks were spent travelling from Indonesia (no mean feat!), three days in a government-mandated Airport Hotel, and finally, twelve long, long days in quarantine, confined to a tiny Air B&B in East Vanc ...

5 years ago

The Other Side Of Vancouver, The World’s Most “Livable” City

Paul Walters · I recently had the pleasure of once again re-visiting British Columbia’s gem of a city, Vancouver. · Voted time and again, ‘ the world's most livable city’ and I have to agree that the pundits seem to have got it spot on with their assessment. Nestleing as it does  between the o ...

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