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1 year ago

How Life (and A Virus) in Bali Gave New Meaning to Passover

Amit Janco · Another day of surreal stillness in Bali. · Celebrating this first evening of Passover, ensconced alone in my new Bali beachside digs (as of 2 days ago), I find myself contemplating distinctive Balinese religious rituals that came to light (for me) very recently, in this year of ...

1 year ago

Nyepi in the Time of COVID19

Amit Janco · Unlike in years past, the 2020 edition of Bali’s New Year (aka Day of Silence) hobbled its way into the island a week ago, as if it were a slow-moving and suddenly disabled steam train, chugging begrudgingly, through unfamiliar terrain, into its final station. It was a Nyepi unli ...

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