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3 weeks ago

Besides My Best Endeavours, COVID Still Paid Me A Visit.

Paul Walters · (I've been missing in action for a few weeks due to a liaison with a certain virus) · After 18 months of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, the pesky disease that's changed the world as we know it decided to pay me a visit. · Throughout 2020 we adapted to lives to try and keep ...

6 months ago

Postcard From Vancouver.

Paul Walters · I've now been 'in country', so to speak, for almost four weeks. · Two of those weeks were spent travelling from Indonesia (no mean feat!), three days in a government-mandated Airport Hotel, and finally, twelve long, long days in quarantine, confined to a tiny Air B&B in East Vanc ...

7 months ago

Travelling During An International Pandemic Is Certainly Not For The Faint-Hearted.

Paul Walters · It has been a time of covering our faces, isolating ourselves from others and watching the world go by on television. When COVID hit Bali, we actively discouraged friends and associates from visiting us, to the point where I seriously considered taking up the banjo as a way of dr ...

8 months ago

What Lies Beneath. Restoring The Coral Reefs In The Time Of Covid 19.

Paul Walters · Bali, one of the most beautiful islands on Indonesia's Southern Archipelago sits just a few miles off the 7,300 meters (24,400 ft.) deep Java Trench. This geographical phenomena, due to its immense depth creates a unique set of swirling currents creating what is known as ‘disturb ...

1 year ago

I Built A Garden In The Time Of Covid 19

Paul Walters · It's said that many a writer has been a keen gardener. · My father, a dedicated gardener, was not a writer by any stretch of the imagination; however, he had a nimble mind and an excellent eye for design. In the twilight of his life, I saw relatively little of him given we lived ...

1 year ago

The Emptiness Of Streets During COVID 19

Paul Walters · Sometimes there is a sure and strange delight about walking down an empty street alone; however, lately, the emptiness of those self-same streets seems to have taken up so much more space.  The abundance of time has allowed the opportunity to explore the town in which I live. I t ...

1 year ago

Weaving your way through COVID – Bali style

Stephanie Brookes · Published Garland Magazine (17 July, 2020) · Stephanie Brookes writes about Pejeng Kangin, a resilient weaving village in Bali outside Ubud, Indonesia, that offers a “pay forward” scheme to buy works that help them survive the lockdown · The weavers of Bali are dusting off their ...

1 year ago

Rediscovering Love In The Time Of COVID 19

Paul Walters · Today is day number 151 since the start of my ‘semi’- lockdown on the island of Bali. · I have long since lost track of days and have now reached the point where a Wednesday could very well be a Sunday and vice- versa given that daily routines are, on the whole, the same as the ...

1 year ago

COVID 19 Not Doing It for You? Perhaps A Small Dose of Dengue Fever Might Be More to Your Liking.

Paul Walters · Before I launch into this brief diatribe, I would like it known that recent rumours of my demise have been very much exaggerated! · It is just fourteen weeks since the dreaded COVID19 made its presence felt on this island and, with its arrival those who choose to holiday here eac ...

1 year ago

The Trials & Tribulations of Farming in The Time Of COVID 19

Paul Walters · Isolation; it’s a strange old time is it not?  ·  Given that I usually spend much of my time tapping away at a keyboard, isolation was pretty much the norm for me and truth be told, I have been self-isolating for about five years or so. My particular professional (sic) lifestyle ...

1 year ago

A Reason To Cling To Hope In The Time Of COVID_19.

Paul Walters · When disasters strike without warning those experiences we endure during the calamity may never really end. · There is no doubt that this pandemic will eventually disappear, only this time the future will not be anything like the past. Our ways of seeing, our priorities, beliefs ...

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