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6 months ago

High Times In Sunny Vancouver.

Paul Walters · In this picturesque, multicultural port city, a mere three - hour drive from Seattle, cannabis seems to have embedded itself into the population’s psyche as both a recreational drug as well as a state of mind. · Talking to a few young professionals, they seem to have no problem i ...

6 months ago

Postcard From Vancouver.

Paul Walters · I've now been 'in country', so to speak, for almost four weeks. · Two of those weeks were spent travelling from Indonesia (no mean feat!), three days in a government-mandated Airport Hotel, and finally, twelve long, long days in quarantine, confined to a tiny Air B&B in East Vanc ...

7 months ago

Travelling During An International Pandemic Is Certainly Not For The Faint-Hearted.

Paul Walters · It has been a time of covering our faces, isolating ourselves from others and watching the world go by on television. When COVID hit Bali, we actively discouraged friends and associates from visiting us, to the point where I seriously considered taking up the banjo as a way of dr ...

3 years ago

Wedding Fever !

Paul Walters · Even though I love a good wedding, I haven’t been to many in the last few years; perhaps it’s become a dying institution or couples simply ‘couldn’t be bothered” · However, thinking about it, it would seem that many of our long-term friends have managed to stay together as if fi ...

5 years ago

Biking In Bali, You Certainly Get What You Pay For!

Paul Walters · After a recent holiday in Europe and Canada It was decided by management that it was time for me to address the issue of pounds I had somehow acquired on our recent travels. “This excess weight must be shed, and quickly”, was the directive from on high. · After a couple of days ...

5 years ago

Has Trump ‘Out – Trumped’ The American Public?

Paul Walters · Has Trump ‘Out – Trumped’ The American Public? · The ‘Don’s” star is seemingly on an unstoppable rise as he barnstorms his way through the last of the American primaries. It would now seem that he has all but cemented his spot in this year’s presidential election. · Could he in ...

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