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3 weeks ago

Besides My Best Endeavours, COVID Still Paid Me A Visit.

Paul Walters · (I've been missing in action for a few weeks due to a liaison with a certain virus) · After 18 months of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, the pesky disease that's changed the world as we know it decided to pay me a visit. · Throughout 2020 we adapted to lives to try and keep ...

1 month ago

Since When Did Travel Become An Exercise Of Acute Narcissism?

Paul Walters · Once filled with the sounds of suitcases rattling over the slightly uneven pavements, pulled along by bewildered tourists, my local streets now echo with the sound of children's voices playing outside near-vacant landmarks. Today these landmarks offer locals an intimate experienc ...

2 months ago

The Blossom Collector

Paul Walters ·                                                                                        In the dark times ·                                                                                        Will there also be singing? ·                                                         ...

4 months ago

Post from Duma Fossil

Duma Fossil · Petrified Wood Bali · Founded in 2005, Duma Fossil is a home decor export company based on the beautiful island of Bali specialized in all items and furniture made from petrified wood. · Our website : https://dumafossil.com

5 months ago

Scenes from a (Very) Long Walk

Amit Janco · It's hard for me to pinpoint the exact moment that the germ of this wild notion sprouted in my brain - or more likely, within my longing spirit. But in late November, over a delicious vegan lunch shared with a dog-loving acquaintance whom I didn't know well enough to worry about ...

8 months ago

Living Alongside The Wallace Line .

Paul Walters · For the last few years, I have found myself in the relatively privileged position of having the opportunity to spend extended periods on the exotic island of Bali. · Bali is one of the smaller islands that make up, the greater Indonesian archipelago attracting approximately 6.3 m ...

8 months ago

Bali’s Trash Solution in Action

Stephanie Brookes · As published on Indonesia Expat · Bali’s Trash Solution in Action · When it comes to getting a handle on recycling and plastic waste in Bali, then look no further than the Plastic Exchange Program that has been operating in Bali since May 2020. · It is a real inspiration for loca ...

8 months ago

What Lies Beneath. Restoring The Coral Reefs In The Time Of Covid 19.

Paul Walters · Bali, one of the most beautiful islands on Indonesia's Southern Archipelago sits just a few miles off the 7,300 meters (24,400 ft.) deep Java Trench. This geographical phenomena, due to its immense depth creates a unique set of swirling currents creating what is known as ‘disturb ...

9 months ago

The World Is An Amazing Place.

Paul Walters · 2020 was undoubtedly 'slow.' · It was a time when sloth and procrastination, to which I have been addicted to for a few years now provided me with ample time to bring these two laconic bedfellows to a state of absolute perfection. · During the really 'slow' days (read; most days) ...

10 months ago

Where the Past and Present Commingle... on a Beach in Bali

Amit Janco · Build it, and they will come. At least, that was the plan when an environmental initiative recently took root across the island. And so, the Balinese came. And still they are here, in my beach town of Sanur. · Even if they gather for the sake of a pay-cheque, the ultimate bene ...

10 months ago

The Year We covered Our Faces.

Paul Walters · 2020 is the Year when life as we knew it suddenly went on pause and for many, it has proved to be an exhausting and an isolated time. · It was all so sudden this disruption after the festivities of Christmas and New Year when we revelled in being with family and friends and cheer ...

1 year ago

Bali’s Sustainable Tourism

Stephanie Brookes · Bali's Sustainable Tourism · Bali opened to domestic tourism on July 31. Supporting sustainable tourism is a way to give back to local communities in Bali and also, it puts you in touch with the local Balinese culture. · Want to get close to the culture? Visit a traditional honey ...

1 year ago

“I Read The News Today. Oh Boy…” *

Paul Walters · I have always had and probably will have a gigantic appetite for the media. · In ancient times when I worked in advertising each morning, I would wake and devour several daily newspapers before heading off to my agency to immerse myself in, well, media! · Years of practice meant ...

1 year ago

Life, Upside Down

Amit Janco · Since the pandemic crept into Bali, nothing’s been the same. Most mornings, I wake up, get out of bed and stand on my head. Even if dawn has barely broken, and this island still teeters on the rim of darkness, it seems like the sanest way to greet the world each day – as tops ...

1 year ago

Flying A Kite In the Time Of Covid-19.

Paul Walters · Over the past seven months, the COVID-19 pandemic has, with frightening speed, turned our worlds upside down. It has confined us to our homes, cutting many of us off from family and friends, compelling us to cover our faces every time we venture out, and instilling in us a sense ...

1 year ago

Weaving your way through COVID – Bali style

Stephanie Brookes · Published Garland Magazine (17 July, 2020) · Stephanie Brookes writes about Pejeng Kangin, a resilient weaving village in Bali outside Ubud, Indonesia, that offers a “pay forward” scheme to buy works that help them survive the lockdown · The weavers of Bali are dusting off their ...

1 year ago

Ikat Revival: How Covid-19 Brought About the Rebirth of a Traditional Weaving Village

Stephanie Brookes · The weavers of Bali are dusting off their looms in a small traditional village just outside Ubud. In Pejeng Kangin, a long-forgotten artisan craft is coming back. · This is just one of three recent village initiatives. It all started when David Metcalf, a local expat originally f ...

1 year ago

Rediscovering Love In The Time Of COVID 19

Paul Walters · Today is day number 151 since the start of my ‘semi’- lockdown on the island of Bali. · I have long since lost track of days and have now reached the point where a Wednesday could very well be a Sunday and vice- versa given that daily routines are, on the whole, the same as the ...

1 year ago

The World Might Be On Hold, But Our Futures Certainly Aren't.

Paul Walters · Today marks day number 125 of my life in 'lockdown'.  · To be fair, lockdown in Bali has been a little bit of a hit and miss affair as, apart from the mandatory rule that everyone must wear a mask when venturing out from home and applying a dollop of hand sanitizer before enterin ...

1 year ago

COVID 19 Not Doing It for You? Perhaps A Small Dose of Dengue Fever Might Be More to Your Liking.

Paul Walters · Before I launch into this brief diatribe, I would like it known that recent rumours of my demise have been very much exaggerated! · It is just fourteen weeks since the dreaded COVID19 made its presence felt on this island and, with its arrival those who choose to holiday here eac ...

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