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Rizky Wibisono

Rizky Wibisono

Monetary Economist
Bogorbaru, Jawa Barat


Tentang Rizky Wibisono:

An MSc graduate (distinction) in Money, Banking and Central Banking, and aspiring researcher in the field of monetary economics.

I have published work for research institutes within the field of macroeconomic and monetary research and analysis, and have experience in curating, editing, and writing for a published academic journal.

I have worked in both academic and research settings, and have been in technical and supervisory roles in both.

Having lived in Indonesia, the U.S., Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Libya, and the U.K., I have had to opportunity to experience a variety of cultures and work with people from vastly differing backgrounds


Nov 2019 - Present
IUMI Organic, Bogor, Indonesia
Key Responsibilities
• Automate the creation of real-time unadjusted trial balances out of journal entries.
• Perform adjustments to create adjusted trial balances.
• Create periodic income statements, statement of retained earnings, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
• Automate the creation of draft financial statements out of unadjusted trial balances to provide
real-time data.
• Create contribution margin income statements to assist in the development of business strategy.
• Apply cost-volume-profit analysis to create sales targets and assist in budgeting.
• Perform scenario, sensitivity, and benefit-cost analyses to inform decision-making.
• Perform company valuation via the Assets Value, Earnings Power Value, and DCF approaches to
negotiate with outside investors.
• Create and implement digital marketing strategy via Search Engine Optimization, Search
Marketing Optimization, optimizing website design, and ensuring mobile-friendliness.
Key Achievements

Performed valuation of company used to negotiate equity stake with outside investors.

Automated financial accounting systems to automatically create unadjusted trial balances and
real-time financial statements.

Created managerial accounting systems to assist with cost-volume-profit analysis and guide
sales targets.

Optimized computer and mobile website design for Search Engine Optimization.

Fine-tuned Search Engine Marketing ad campaign to bid on long-tail keywords and stratify by
delivery region.
Sep 2019 - Nov 2019
The Institute of International Monetary Research, Buckingham
Key Responsibilities

Assisted in the development of 'money gap' measures to delineate discrepancies between optimal
and actual rates of money growth.

Conducted historical and statistical analyses of major developed countries, focusing on the link
between monetary variables and inflation, output growth, and nominal spending growth.

Supervised interns, teaching monetary theory, research methodology, and historical analysis.
Key Achievements

Created a Money Gap Analysis section on the Institute's website, providing its theoretical basis,
applicable use, and implementation on 2 economies.

Updated the Monetary Analysis of Indonesia report on the Institute's Money Map section.
Sep 2017 - Sep 2018
Independent Student Journal, Buckingham
Economics Section Editor
The Independent Student Journal is a politically neutral, non-biased, student endeavor promoting free thinking
and original thought concerning contemporary issues and ideas with minimum interference. I was Section
Editor of the Economics section.
Key Responsibilities

Curated submissions for the journal.

Oversaw the editing and review process.

Contributed 1 externally reviewed article for publication.

Coordinated with and oversaw 2 assistant editors.


MSc (Distinction) in Money, Banking and Central Banking | The University of Buckingham | Sep
2018 - Dec 2019 |
I achieved a first in all the following:
- Central Banking 1 (History, Strategies and Operations)
- Central Banking 2 (Monetary Policy and Financial Stability)
- Empirical Techniques and Research Methods in Macroeconomics
- Banking Risk Management
- Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management
- The Central Bank, the Banking System and The Macroeconomy
- Dissertation

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