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Naila Afiyah

Naila Afiyah

Copywriter | Email Marketer

Layanan yang ditawarkan: Pemasaran E-Commerce , Desainer CRM , Pemasaran Email , Copywriting , Pemasar Digital , Konten / Copywriting

Surabaya, Kota Surabaya
Rp99.000 / jam
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Tentang Naila Afiyah:

Experienced content writer, copywriter, and email marketer with over a year of demonstrable expertise. Proficient in crafting compelling content and copy for diverse social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as executing successful promotional campaigns. A track record of effectively boosting followers, driving sales, and enhancing engagement across managed social media accounts.


PEDULY INDONESIA – Surabaya, Indonesia | Social Media Marketing Intern (Mei 2021 – August 2021) 

● Develop and execute a cohesive content strategy aligned with brand goals, collaborating with designers for visual consistency 

● Create impactful donation-focused copy for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Coordinate with designers and developers for optimized content 

● Foster effective communication with campaign teams to enhance awareness and engage target audiences on social media. 

● Utilize analytics tools (Google Analytics, Hootsuite Pro, Facebook Insights) to assess trends and provide valuable insights for strategy refinement.

CAMPAIGN LAB, JAVA ADS – Surabaya, Indonesia | Full Time Copy & Content Writer (August 2021 – October 2021) 

● Directing and managing the Campaignlab Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, meticulously curating a cohesive and strategic online identity 

● Steering the oversight and management of the official Instagram account for the Department of Tourism and Creative Economy of East Java (Disbudpar Jatim) 

● Crafting detailed content plans and design briefs, coupled with compelling content writing, to harmonize with brand objectives and captivate the target audience effectively 

● Deploying a systematic approach to expand the Instagram follower base and elevate insights, utilizing strategic initiatives and data-driven methodologies for measurable impact.

DOJOBOX ID – Yogyakarta, Indonesia | Content Writer Intern (October 2021 – January 2022) 

● Generate 3-5 daily articles on QA Engineer topics, ensuring depth and relevance through thorough research

 ● Implement UX writing for Dojobox ID website, prioritizing user-centric content for an improved interface 

● Drive increased website traffic for Dojobox ID through data-driven strategies, SEO optimization, and targeted content marketing. Analyze metrics regularly for optimization.

KIDOS AGENCY, PT PURWO PRODUCTION – Yogyakarta, Indonesia | Part Time Copywriter (Oktober 2021 - April 2022) 

● Develop 14 concise content briefs for the client's Instagram feed within a two-day timeframe, ensuring they align with the brand's voice and messaging 

● Keep abreast of social media trends, consistently creating content that reflects current industry dynamics in the client's field 

● Utilize Google Sheets and Facebook Creator Studios to monitor engagement, extracting insights to refine content strategies and optimize performance

PT CILSY FIOLUTION INDONESIA – Bandung, Indonesia | Intern Email Marketer (April 2022 - December 2022)

● Develop and execute targeted promotional email campaigns tailored for registered program participants. 

● Employ advanced email marketing tools, including, to efficiently deploy broadcasts, manage email lists, and closely monitor open rates. 

● Implement strategic market segmentation to optimize campaign effectiveness 

● Demonstrate a commitment to achieving and maintaining a minimum email open rate of over 30% by consistently crafting compelling and relevant content that resonates with the target audience. 

● Regularly analyze campaign performance metrics to make data-driven adjustments for continuous improvement.

COMPAS CO ID – Jakarta, Indonesia | Intern Email Marketer (April 2023 - Juli 2023) 

● Conceptualizing and crafting evergreen email copies, including weekly updates tailored for each FMCG market, personalized communications, collaboration proposals, and targeted outreach to brands that have shown interest by visiting the company's website 

● Utilizing Mailchimp to develop and execute strategic campaigns, as well as managing webmail for personalized communication with key individuals within targeted brands. 

● Demonstrating a proven track record of achieving a click-through rate exceeding 20% in evergreen email campaigns, showcasing a mastery of effective content and engagement strategies.


Bachelor of Education at State University of Surabaya 

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