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About me:

Experience in customer service in more than 14 years, start as an agent, Team Leader, QA, supervisor and PIC manager. open minded and friendly person. i've also been judges in ICCA competition and get best leader several times. 


Bachelor degree social science, majoring international relation


MNC Kabel Mediakom ( 2017 - present) SECTION HEAD CONTACT CENTER Manage and supervise end to end process and performance call center inbound MNC Play and providing data, also listening recording, and do interview to get meet the needs of qualified agents. 

Manage Service Engangememnt department which is webchat, social media, email, selfcare and whatsapp creating KPI and day to day task for agent, (January - October 2019). 

Manage support team (trainer, reporting & infrastructure) getting feedback from user (Div head level), creating KPI and set target task for supporting team (since May 2021 – present).  PT 

Teleperformance Campaign Huthinson Tri Indonesia & Indosat Mega Media ( 2006 - 2017 ) 

ASS MANAGER CONTACT CENTER Manage and supervise call floor such as performance, process, people, data. Also analyse and implement in real time, give report to superior and client, do bridging between employee and company 

Team leader and Quality Assurance Taking responsibility of agent in the team for achieving KPI target, do coaching and counselling, random checking for recording of agent and get them feedback for improvement. 

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