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Muhammad Ihsan Nasrum

Muhammad Ihsan Nasrum

Innovation Manager
Bukittinggi, Sumatera Barat


Tentang Muhammad Ihsan Nasrum:

Currently, I am passionate about data engineering & developing multiple businesses. I am doing various data analytic & SME projects. I love using math logic when doing everything. Effective and efficient are my main terms in working. Also, doing innovation and pouring new ideas are my passion too. I have a unique perspective in observing a business. I am teaching about crypto mining and all basic to pro fundamental and technical analysis for stock, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrency market.


Coral / Neyors Waterpark, Bukittinggi Indonesia — Innovation Manager - 2 years 3 Months

I worked as innovation manager at a medium scale independent business to rebuild a waterpark  business that had been abandoned for a long time. Starting from rebranding, recreating SOPs, recruitment, training, I did it all by myself and with the help of three assistants. Since then, the pool has been able to re-operate much better than before with a solid operating system.

AMAZON, Leipzig Germany — Inbound & Outbound Associate 4  Months

I worked in 2 areas, first Inbound, I managed the incoming goods to be stored in the right place. Second, I learned to manage people to pick the right unit for the customers.

TAS AG, Leipzig Germany —Innovation Manager in Human Resources Development Dept - 8 Months

My responsibility was to make innovation for the TAS AG workspace. In a team of 3, we were able to make a better impact for employees after making a big reconstruction plan for their workspace.


Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung Indonesia — Assistant Lecturer - 2.5 year

I trained and taught students to be able to use media streaming equipment, from hardware, crane, sound, camera, and software video editing.

Media Waves, Bandung Indonesia — Social Media Analyst (Intern) - 1 year

I worked as a social media analyst. My responsibilities are listing the positive, neutral, and negative comments or feedbacks and content in social media’s clients. Our clients are large scale companies such as Nestle, Freeport mining, Indofood and others.



Universitaet Leipzig, Leipzig Germany  Master Business Administration (MBA)

Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung Indonesia  Bachelor of Communication Science (SIKOM)

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