Hilda Yulianjani

Hilda Yulianjani

Pekalongan, Jawa Tengah

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About me:

I am an applied graduate in business and finance who have great interest in a career in administration, finance, and customer service. I successfully graduated on time. I have organizational experience in the Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa and UKM Kewirausahaan so that I have an interest in entrepreneurship in the world of work. I have good analytical, interpersonal and negotiation skills. In addition, I also have industrial internship experience at PT Pegadaian and PT Bank Tabungan Negara so that I am an expert in customer service, operating administrative software and data analysis such as Microsoft Office, SPSS, and data entry.


I am a graduate of the Accounting Department of the Islamic Banking Study Program with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Business and Finance. In my education, I study and practice various topics in Islamic banking, particularly in the areas of finance, customer service, tellers, banking finance, marketing, administration and business ethics.


I have industriaI have industrial internship experience at PT Pegadaian and PT BTN which gave me experience and skills in the fields of customer service, financing, administration, marketing, and establishing good communication with colleagues and customers. In addition, I also have a customer service, credit officer and TOEIC competency test certification that supports my abilities.

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