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Gravenia Rahma Safira

Gravenia Rahma Safira

International Relations

Layanan yang ditawarkan: Komunikasi digital , Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Tingkat Lanjut , Pengeditan Video , Admin - Manajer Media Sosial , Mediasi / Negosiasi

Depok, Jawa Barat
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Tentang Gravenia Rahma Safira:

Dedicated individual with a strong academic background in International Relations, holding a Bachelor's degree and currently pursuing a Master's degree at University of Indonesia. Proven expertise in analyzing global political trends, understanding diplomatic nuances, and fostering cross-cultural understanding. Adept at conducting in-depth research, contributing valuable insights to international discussions, and passionate about addressing complex global challenges.


During my volunteering experience in Turkey with AIESEC, I dedicated my time to initiatives focused on the theme of gender empowerment and women in power. I actively contributed to projects aimed at promoting gender equality, fostering leadership skills among women, and addressing challenges related to gender-based discrimination. My role involved participating in workshops, organizing awareness campaigns, and collaborating with local communities to empower women to take on leadership roles. This experience allowed me to witness firsthand the transformative impact of empowering women and promoting gender inclusivity, fostering my commitment to advocating for equality and social justice. 

In the 3rd semester As a Public Relations staff member, I honed my communication and organizational skills by actively engaging with various stakeholders, crafting compelling messages, and managing public-facing communication channels. I developed and implemented PR strategies to enhance the organization's image, facilitated effective communication between internal and external parties, and coordinated events to promote positive engagement.

Simultaneously, my involvement in the BEM organization, specifically in the Science and Research department, allowed me to blend my passion for communication with a commitment to advancing knowledge. I contributed to the planning and execution of events that showcased scientific achievements, fostered academic dialogue, and strengthened the community's interest in research. This dual experience enhanced my PR capabilities and deepened my understanding of the vital intersection between effective communication and the promotion of scientific endeavors.


I earned my Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Universitas Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta, graduating with a GPA of 3.69. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I developed a strong foundation in international affairs, diplomatic negotiations, and global political dynamics.

Building on this academic background, I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in International Relations at the University of Indonesia. This advanced program allows me to delve deeper into complex international issues, enhance my research capabilities, and contribute to a deeper understanding of global affairs. My academic journey reflects my dedication to expanding my knowledge and expertise in the field of International Relations.

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