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F. Richard jr.

F. Richard jr.

L1 RNO Engineer
Jakarta, Jakarta


Tentang F. Richard jr.:


Current Position: RNO Jr., Engineer


 To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sir/Madam;

I’m Richard, I have Information that there’s an open Vacancy for: Telecommunication Junior RNO Optim Engineer. I do believe that I’ve the qualifications as Your Company needs to fulfill the position as requested. I’ve more than 8 years in Telecommunication as an Engineer Personnel and a few years in Management Area (Marketing, Banking, Services, Construction and Hotels). A few of my last assignments; as an Assistant RNO (L1) Engineer for Optimization & Troubleshoot - XL NPM Project in Kupang for Bali Nustra Region under PT. MGCI, as an Assistant RNO (L1) Engineer for ZTE Jabo under PT. DCIT then joined PT. CCSI for Telkomsel NPM Jabo – VIP Route TSel Team and VoLTE TSel Team. As an Assistant RNO (L1) Engineer for ZTE Tsel SWAP Borneo under PT. Nextech TSP, as an Assistant RNO (L1) Engineer for TSel L2300 Refarming Project under PT. RPJ Poca and as an OSS Engineer (L1) Engineer for Digi MOCN Project under SignalTech and ChinaGCI KL (Malaysia).

I’ve skills and experience in Engineering, Computer and Management areas. Such as; Engineering Analyst, Optimizing and Troubleshooting Handling Capabilities to fulfill Clients/Users requirements in Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Used to interact with Team Sales Area for support and backup optimization assignment to increase Payload/Traffic/Revenue of sites, I also familiar in using: Engineering Softwares such as Virtual Measurement (Tems, Nemo, Probe, Actix, Atoll, U2K, NetAct NOKIA, U2K, PRS, Discovery, Netcare, xShield, iAccess, WeLink, SQL, OWS, FMA, Cactic MPLS/MBH , etc); Engineering Support Web/Tools Virtual Measurement (FTP, USGS, Gyokov, MapInfo, Kathrein, Global Mapper, Ms. PowerBI (PFT, DPT, Capman), VPN, etc); Engineering Tools Measurements (Hardware: UE, GPS, Attenuator, Scanner, etc); Computer (Software Installation and Basic Hardware Troubleshooting Problems); and fair spoken and written in English.

 I’ve a strong motivation, eager to learn and each of the taskjob, can work with a team or independently also. As a part of Company Assets, I will always do the best effort to support the team to achieve the Company targets. I’m willing to work overtime as User requested and able to work under a pressure environment. Willing to work in Jakarta, Kalimantan, Manado, West Java and have overseas area experiences also (Malaysia & Thailand; under Celcom Axiata Berhad).

 Finally, I’m looking forward to hearing from You in the near future to work and support Your Company in every project.

Respectfully Yours and Best Regards,


Richard, F.


All of My Personal Data is already in CV


All of My Personal Data is already in CV

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