Amalia Rusti Mutiara Dewi

Semarang, Jawa Tengah

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

My name is Amalia Rusti but as usual, people call me Amel. I was born in Bogor on September 29, 1999. I in person was a good listener, always prepared anything on a good plan. My Hobby is playing video games, singing, drawing, and watching a movie. 


I was studied Historical Science in college, I've learned about how to analyze something and find a way to solve the problem or about anything that happened in past so can predict what is gonna happen next. I also learn how to speak directly with people when trying to explain something, so I have good communication skills. I have personality as a responsible person, this has been proven by my ability to complete studies on time and good grades.


When I was in college, I've learned many things that can count to be my professional experience. I've do some voice actor, doing video graphics, design, and photography. In April 2021 I work as a part-timer barista in Atap Langit Coffee, when I work there I learn how to serve people with a good attitude

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