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Ahmad Osman

Jakarta, Jakarta

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About me:

Experienced Strategic Consultant in Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Business Model Innovation, Lean Systems, and Automotive Industrial Network

High-performing cross functional and strategic-oriented professional with deep experience in new service portfolios (Industry 4.0 and Automotive Consultation Services) development, and successfully bringing the new services to the market.

Have strong relationship with stakeholders - Government and Private Sectors, Industrial Associations, Manufacturing Industries and Professional Communities.

Knowledgeable in strategic & operation management, digital business model, lean & agile framework,  supply chain, cross functional business process,  product life cycle, etc.

Self initiative, open mind, innovative and high achiever. Familiar with various methodologies and frameworks

Engaged as a member team in:
1. Industry 4.0 Implementation Advisory Team - Ministry of Industry
2. BUMN's IT Forum
3. Low Carbon Emission Vehicle Program Formulation Team - Gaikindo & Ministry of Industry
4. National Information Security Regulation Formulation Team - Ministry of Information & Communication

As a speaker/lecturer in several events:
1. Industry 4.0 - SBM of ITB
2. Digital Transformation towards Insurance 4.0 - APPARINDO
3. Logistics 4.0 - Alumni of Trisakti's Mechanincal Engineering Department
4. Digital Transformation towards Industry 4.0 Platform for Industrial Transformation Manager - Ministry of Industry 
5. IT Utilization for National Hazardous Chemical Monitoring - University of Indonesia and UNDP
6. Strategic IT Implementation for National Halal Management System - BPJPH, Ministry of Religion
7. Introduction to Indonesia Automotive and Parts Industry - Board of Investment/BKPM Inhouse Training


Mechanical Engineering Graduate of Trisakti University


Senior Program Manager

PT - SBU Government Services

Sep 2019 – Present

Location DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Develop and manage new service portfolios (around Industry 4.0 & Automotive Consultation Services), build the business strategies and manage the resources' capability and operations. Encourage team to never-end study and monitor the future impact of global megatrends, potential future of sectoral business model and technology trends, emerging X4.0 platform due to Industry 4.0 impact (Banking 4.0, Insurance 4.0, Port 4.0, Mining 4.0, Electric Utility 4.0, Healthcare 4.0, etc.) and emerging new competitive landscape in the era of 4th Industrial Revolution.

I. Workshop, Assessment & Advisory of Port 4.0 - PT Pelindo III, 2021

II. Readiness Assessment toward Industry 4.0 - Ministry or Government-own Enterprise (BUMN) 2020

Assessing the readiness level of 12 Govt owned Enterprises (BUMN) toward Industry 4.0

II. Digital Transformation/Industry 4.0-related Projects - Ministry of Industry 2019

1. Lean Production System Assessment within downstream chemical & pharmaceutical industry sector

2. Lean Production System Implementation Assistance in 20 manufacturing industries

2. Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment in 5 pilot manufacturing Industries

3. Strategic Directions and Business Model Analysis of 5 pilot manufacturing industries

4. Enterprise Architecture and Transformation Road Map towards Industry 4.0 Formulation in 5 pilot industries (3 textiles & garment industries, 1 plastic household industry, 1 bio pharmaceutical industry) - Industrial Ministry 2019

III. Automotive-related Project

1. Automotive Parts Supply-base Mapping - PT Toyota Motor Mfg Indonesia 2020

2. Mold-maker/Vendor Capability Assessment using Toyota Global Standard - PT Toyota Motor Mfg Indonesia 2019

3. Mobile Bank Vehicle Construction Supervision - PT Bank Jabar Banten 2019

4. Bus Construction Supervision II - Perum Damri 2019

IV. Other Projects

1. Spending Analysis & Strategic Sourcing Implementation - PT Pelindo II 2019


Senior Business Analyst

Sucofindo, PT - SBU Government Service

Aug 2012 – Aug 2019

Location DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Specialized in new business development and managing service portfolios of Industrial Sector and IS/IT related fields. Monitor and study the macro and strategic perspective of new trends and issues within those fields. Analyze the potential opportunities of Public and Private sectors' demand, formulate the proposed solutions and manage the project portfolios and resources. Maintain professional relationship with stakeholders such as Government Agencies, Associations, Industries and Communities.


1. Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence - Industrial Ministry 2018

2. IT Governance Review - Ministry of Religion 2017

4. Halal Certification Information System -Ministry of Religition 2017

II. Automotive

1. Bus Construction Supervisory I - Perum Damri 2018

2 Tools, Dies and Mold Industry Mapping - PT Toyota Motor Mfg Indonesia 2018

III. Industrial Sector

1. Feasibility Study of Fiscal Incentives – PT Megah Energy Khatulistiwa 2018

2. Indonesia Lubricant Industry Standard Implementation - Ministry of Industry 2016

3. Shoes, Leather, and Miscellaneous Industry' Verification - Ministry of Industry 2016

4. Chemical, Metal and Textile Industrial Verification - Ministry of Industry 2015

5. Indonesia Automotive Component Industry Mapping - Ministry of Industry 2014

6. Indonesia Automotive Supply-base Mapping - PT Toyota Motor Mfg Indonesia 20012-13


Strategic Business Analyst

Sucofindo, PT - Division of Information System

Apr 2002 – Jul 2012

Support in analyzing Sucofindo's strategic business requirements, formulating the Enterprise Architecture, IT Strategic Direction. Assisted in formulating the Sucofindo's IT-related Policy, Standard and Procedures/Guidelines due to IT Government implementation.

Analyzed the Sucofindo's functional business process and requirements, proposed conceptual solution along with identified improvement opportunities, and managed the system development life cycle

Being assigned as Project Manager and Business Analyst in developing and implementing Sucofindo's Enterprise-scale Information System:

1. Enterprise Contract Life Cycle Management Information System Development Project

2. Enterprise Risk Information System Implementation Project (Management of Risk & Internal Audit)

3. Human Resources Information System Development Project (Management of Personnel, Recruitment, Selection, Development/Training, Payroll)

4. Sucofindo's IT Masterplan and IT Governance Decelopment and Implementation

5. Sucofindo's IT Policy, Standards and IT Service Procedure Development

6. Integrated Logistic Information System Development Project (Management of Suppliers, Procurement, Inventory and Asset)

7. PKBL Information System Development Project (Management of Order, Finance and Accounting)

Technical Auditor

Sucofindo, PT - SBU Automotive Verification and Testing

Jan 1998 – Mar 2002

Automotive Field

Field verification and audit the local-content of automotive (vehicle and motor cycle) sub components, components and assembled units, and analyzed the industries’ capability, competence, and material supply chain through assessment of their manufacturing facilities and related suppliers.

Industrial Field

In energy sector, analyzed the various industries’ energy consumption by assessing the energy supply and demand characteristics in supporting the industries’ operation.



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